A few weeks ago I was invited to sample some yummy food at the Little Saigon Night Market in front of the Asian Garden Mall in Westminster, Ca.  It's open every weekend, Friday - Sunday from 7pm - 11pm until September 3rd.  Parking is free and you can either park in nearby streets or park across the street in the parking lot in front of the supermarket.  Walking towards the night market, the air was filled with the smell of fried foods and BBQ! There are 12 food vendors, 19 merchants and this is all free! It was a cool and fun experience.  BUT, beware, it does get packed! I got there around 8pm and it literally was almost like sardines in a can.  One of my friends said this is similar to the street markets in Vietnam, people are just walking around, buying food, and eating it.  My favorite dish I tasted was the mini shrimp coconut pancakes, also known as Bahn Khot.  These are really tasty!  You wrap them with the lettuce and dip them in the sauce.  Mmmm so bomb!  The lobster tail was pretty good as well and had really savory flavor.  So if you guys are looking for some yummy food to grub on, def try going to this night market. :)