For the longest time, I've always been self conscious about my weight.  Growing up, I've never been stick skinny, I've always been tall and what my family used to say, "big-boned".  I always wanted to be "skinny".  Before, skinny to me meant to look like those pretty on TV.  As I got older, my views and goals on how I wanted my body to look changed.  I wanted to be fit and toned.  Back in 2013, I was actually working at 24 Hour Fitness and decided to work towards competing in a bikini fitness competition.  During this time, I felt like the only way I could achieve this "fit" look was to get a coach and work towards this goal.  During this time, I was also starting my journey to get my bachelors degree in nursing.  Let me tell you, this was tough.  Prepping for a fitness competition while going to nursing school full time took a toll on me emotionally and physically.  I was carb deprived, moody, and tired all the time.  But I wanted to be "fit" so I kept pushing at it.  But the stress of nursing school was too much for me and I told my coach that I needed a break, and maybe after school was done, I'd come back to prepping for a competition again.  I was such on a strict diet while on prep that once I stopped prepping, I kinda let myself go and literally ate anything I wanted without introducing carbs back into my diet in moderation, which is what I was told is the right way, to avoid rebound weight gain since I was barely eating any carbs.  At the end of nursing school, I was overweight, didn't liked how I looked and tired all the time. I told myself that after I finished school, I was going to start taking steps in getting my fitness back on track.  I believe it now when people say that your fitness journey is really a marathon and not a race.  Results don't happen overnight.  Since graduating nursing school in 2015, I've been working towards being the best version of myself.  It wasn't always easy to just be motivated all the time.  Trust me, I felt like I "started over" or I told myself multiple times, "Diet starts on Monday".  Lol.  One thing I know, is that I didn't give up and I didn't stop working towards my goals.  I've always been shy and embarrassed to post a before and after picture, so here it goes. Lol, don't judge.     


The left picture was 5 months before I graduated nursing school and the picture on the right was taken April 29, 2017.  This is the result of consistently going to the gym, doing weight training 3x a week and doing 30-40 mins of cardio 5x a week with two rest days, and being consistent with making healthier choices when it comes to eating.  Sometimes I miss a cardio day here and there but thats okay or I eat ice cream or a slice of pizza and thats okay also.  I just keep going.  I am not at my goal yet, but progress is progress.  I'm definitely enjoying the process and this fitness journey.  I'm not prepping for a competition, I am just doing this for my own health.  If this can motivate someone to keep pushing and work towards their goals of becoming the best version of themselves, then I'm all for it even if I'm shy and embarrassed about posting this before and after.  Lol. Oh well, I hope this just motivates and inspires you guys. :)  Wherever you guys are in your fitness journey, I just want to say, don't stop pushing yourselves. Your future self will thank you.  Sometimes we are so focused on the end result that we forget to see how far we've come along.  2017 is the year of working towards bettering ourselves.  Let's get it! 



I got to experience Coachella for the first time thanks to my thoughtful friends, Ash and Alisha!  Definitely a fun experience with a great group of girls!  The line up was up my alley because even though I'm open to all types of music, there were a good number of hip hop artists that were performing so that was exciting.  I got to see Travis Scott, Migos, Drake, Future, Lauryn Hill, DJ Snake, Bon Iver, Lady Gaga, and Bastille.  Sad I missed Kehlani and Kendrick but it's all good.  The fashion though... man, I don't think I've ever seen so much fashion especially at a festival!  But then again, I don't think Coachella is like anything else out there.  Haha.  Definitely loved seeing what everyone was wearing.  Since it was my first time, everyone pretty much told me to stay hydrated, which is very true.  It can get hot out there!  The sun was def fierce.  There were so many foodie places to choose from but I was so limited because it was still Lent for me, and I gave up all meat except for fish and I gave up all desserts and sweets!  But the pizza was bomb & my tummy is happy.  Haha. okay enough about my rant... on to the outfits. :)


I've been eating fish a lot now a days because of lent and here's my take on a simple cod fish taco recipe perfect for taco Tuesdays or any day! 


- Cod fillets

- Olive oil

- Flavor Gods seasonings 

- street style tortillas

- pico de gallo


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Take your cod fillets and brush on some olive oil for flavor and season them with your favorite seasonings.  I used Flavor Gods seasonings in "Taco Tuesdays" and "Lemon & Garlic".  Pop those fillets in the oven for 30 mins.  Once finished, take a fillet and separate the fish to fit in three tortillas.  Top off with some pico de gallo and enjoy! You can add some salsa or hot sauce but I'm usually chicken when it comes to spicy stuff so I just kept mine plain and simple. :)